Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Elevated Threat2016-08-051
L: Coors and Corn0
W: Great Daines2016-08-041
L: Justice League0
T: Elevated Threat2016-08-0222
T: Justice League22
W: Elevated Threat2016-07-251
L: Deadliest Catchers0
W: Elevated Threat2016-07-2112
L: Slammin' Salmon10
W: Slammin' Salmon2016-07-141
L: Coors and Corn0
W: Elevated Threat2016-07-1220
L: Never Say Di5
W: Great Daines2016-07-1112
L: Coors and Corn11
W: Justice League2016-07-0715
L: Deadliest Catchers3
W: Slammin' Salmon2016-07-0712
L: Never Say Di7
W: Coors and Corn2016-06-309
L: Never Say Di8
W: Carper Diem2016-06-3015
L: Justice League12
W: Great Daines2016-06-2713
L: Slammin' Salmon9
W: Slammin' Salmon2016-06-2311
L: Justice League6
W: Slammin' Salmon2016-06-2035
L: Deadliest Catchers10
W: Elevated Threat2016-06-2010
L: Great Daines8
W: Never Say Di2016-06-1615
L: Justice League10
W: Elevated Threat2016-06-1511
L: Carper Diem9
W: Slammin' Salmon2016-06-1515
L: Carper Diem3
W: Great Daines2016-06-1322
L: Deadliest Catchers3
W: Never Say Di2016-06-0819
L: Deadliest Catchers12
W: Great Daines2016-06-0615
L: Carper Diem10
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Elevated Threat6 - 0 - 11
Great Daines5 - 1 - 02
Slammin' Salmon5 - 2 - 03
Never Say Di2 - 3 - 04
Carper Diem1 - 3 - 05
Coors and Corn1 - 3 - 05
Justice League1 - 4 - 15
Deadliest Catchers0 - 5 - 08
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