Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: IoWINS2016-08-0310
L: Born to Home Run7
W: Hi Line Drivers2016-08-0220
L: Lucky Spuds5
W: Born to Home Run2016-08-020
L: Notorious Nutmeggers0
W: Hi Line Drivers2016-07-290
L: Notorious Nutmeggers0
W: Lucky Spuds2016-07-271
L: Swing State Sluggers0
W: Born to Home Run2016-07-210
L: Swing State Sluggers0
W: Born to Home Run2016-07-2026
L: Hi Line Drivers13
W: IoWINS2016-07-2030
L: Pacurs18
W: Born to Home Run2016-07-1915
L: Premium Drafts5
W: IoWINS2016-07-1326
L: Hi Line Drivers4
W: Premium Drafts2016-07-1327
L: Notorious Nutmeggers1
W: Born to Home Run2016-07-1230
L: Lucky Spuds2
W: IoWINS2016-07-0734
L: Lucky Spuds10
W: Born to Home Run2016-07-0615
L: Pacurs11
W: Pacurs2016-06-2934
L: Notorious Nutmeggers10
W: IoWINS2016-06-2918
L: Premium Drafts10
W: Swing State Sluggers2016-06-2314
L: Hi Line Drivers13
W: Pacurs2016-06-2210
L: Premium Drafts7
W: IoWINS2016-06-2221
L: Notorious Nutmeggers3
W: Notorious Nutmeggers2016-06-150
L: Swing State Sluggers0
W: Premium Drafts2016-06-1424
L: Lucky Spuds4
W: Swing State Sluggers2016-06-081
W: Lucky Spuds2016-06-0824
L: Notorious Nutmeggers18
W: Pacurs2016-06-0818
L: Hi Line Drivers10
W: Premium Drafts2016-06-0113
L: Swing State Sluggers7
W: Premium Drafts2016-05-2522
L: Hi Line Drivers3
W: Pacurs2016-05-2510
L: Swing State Sluggers0
W: Pacurs2016-05-1818
L: Lucky Spuds3
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Born to Home Run6 - 1 - 01
IoWINS6 - 1 - 01
Pacurs5 - 2 - 03
Premium Drafts4 - 3 - 04
Hi Line Drivers2 - 5 - 05
Lucky Spuds2 - 5 - 05
Swing State Sluggers2 - 5 - 05
Notorious Nutmeggers1 - 6 - 08
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